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SEND Local Offer

Identifying and implementing enhanced support

How will Brimpton House Nursery know if my child needs extra help and what do I need to do if I think my child may have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities?

Brimpton House Nursery has a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) who is responsible, alongside the nursery manager and a child’s key person for ensuring that practitioners receive advice and support. The SENCO is the first point of contact for parents and ensures that they are closely involved throughout and that their insights inform action taken by the setting. We have regard to the SEND code of practice, the Early Years Foundation Stage, Every Child Matters, the Children and Families Act (2014) and any other relevant documentation. Brimpton House Nursery develops practitioner skills to identify a child with SEND as early as possible. We use a programme of referral which enables children to receive the help they need as soon as possible and liaise with external agencies. We work in partnership with parents, sharing information regarding their child’s needs and progress, drawing upon their knowledge of their child and adopt consistent and positive strategies.

All children are admitted to the nursery after consultation between the parents and nursery manager. The children are invited to attend settling in sessions. A “starting points” form is completed by parents, which provides useful information and an opportunity for parents to inform us of their child’s strengths, interests and parents can also share any concerns that they may have regarding their child.

All children, whatever their individual needs or requirements are welcome.

Parents know their children best and we listen and understand when parents express concerns about their child’s development. Practitioners work in partnership with parents about their child’s development and progress and recognise the importance of effective communication with parents.  Each stage of the SEND process is completed in conjunction with parents and they are invited to attend any reviews and planning meetings for their child.  Information leaflets, web addresses and contact details about local support groups are available for parents.

It is every practitioner’s responsibility to assess the development of their key children and to share any concerns they have with the SENCO.

How will Brimpton House Nursery support SEND children?

Brimpton House Nursery regularly reviews and evaluates the quality and breadth of the support we offer and access for children with SEND.

We organise our playrooms and activities to support children with SEND by using agreed strategies.

We differentiate activities and resources for all children to suit individual needs.

We aim to ensure that children with SEND have access to the full breadth of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Any literature can be translated to additional languages if required. Brimpton House Nursery will support children with SEND by liaising with parents/carers and creating a SEN support plan with agreed outcomes. If a child is identified as SEND then parental input is vital and between parents, keyperson and SENCO a one page profile is written and one planning put in place.

How will Brimpton House Nursery create learning & development opportunities for individual children with SEND?

At Brimpton House Nursery we adopt the graduated response to support children with SEND.

The Graduated Response:

“Assess” in identifying a child as needing SEN support, the key person (working with the nursery SENCO and the child’s parents) carry out an analysis of the child’s needs. This initial assessment is reviewed regularly to ensure support is matched to need. Where there is little or no improvement in the child’s progress, more specialist assessment may be called for from specialist teachers or from health, social care or other agencies beyond the nursery.

“Plan” when SEND support is to be provided the key person and the SENCO agree, in consultation with the parent, the outcomes they are seeking, the interventions and support to be put into place, the expected impact on progress, development or behaviour and a clear date for review

“Do” the key person remains responsible for working with the child on a daily basis. With support from the SENCO they oversee the implementation of the interventions agreed as part of the SEND support. The SENCO supports the key person in assessing the child’s response to the action taken and advising on the effective implementation of support.

“Review” the impact and quality of the support is evaluated by the key person and the SENCO working with the child’s parents and taking into account the child views. They agree any changes to the outcomes and support for the child in the light of the child’s progress and development. The parents are provided with clear information about the impact of the support provided and are involved in planning the next steps.

How does Brimpton House Nursery work in partnership with parents?

As well as working closely with all our parents to gain a better understanding of their child and their individual needs, we support the home learning environment by providing story sacks and activity bags that help support all areas of learning and development. Brimpton House Nursery holds many events throughout the year that parents are welcome to attend with their child such as summer and Christmas parties. There are also parents evenings during the year that allow parents to spend more quality time looking at what their child has been involved in during their day at nursery. We have a parent’s notice board within the nursery that has many different aspects of information displayed for the parents to see. Information regarding what is happening within the nursery can also be found on the nursery website. We hold key person meeting’s with parents to help us complete a child’s two year check as well as opportunities to support transitons throughtout the nursery. Every child that starts at Brimpton House Nursery will be given an induction visit. During this visit parents are given the chance to spend quality time with the practitioners in their child’s playroom and the manager. They are able to ask any questions they may have and will be given more information regarding the nursery.  Written parental permission is always requested before any information is shared with external professionals. Discussions take place within a private area of the nursery.

How does Brimpton House Nursery support the wellbeing of young children with SEND?

Brimpton House Nursery welcomes all children and aims to respond appropriately to each child’s background and individual needs. All children in the group irrespective of their individual needs, ethnic background or gender are encouraged wherever possible and appropriate to participate in all activities. We aim to provide an environment where all children are happy, comfortable and healthy. During a child’s settling in sessions we discuss each child’s specific individual needs with regards to areas such as toileting, nappy changing and individual care routines. With signed permission we are able to administer prescribed medication. Any behaviour concerns we have will be discussed with parents and we will ensure we all work together to provide a consistent positive approach. We make regular risk assessments and adapt our environment accordingly.

What training & experience does staff at Brimpton House Nursery have in supporting children with SEND?

Brimpton House Nursery has a trained SENCO and all practitioners are encouraged to attend any in-house training relating to SEND. We complete online SEND training and ensure that we regularly update and refresh our knowledge. We have one trained ENCO. Dependent on the needs of a child attending Brimpton House Nursery, we would source training such as speech and language or signing, to support their needs. We have one practitioner who completed the early language development programme and another who has completed the ECAT training and is now responsible for helping oversee all aspects of speech and language. All practitioners complete first aid and safeguarding training. We ensure our practitioners complete behaviour training.

What specialist services and expertise are available to Brimpton House Nursery?

We have achieved the Silver Good Beginnings Autism award and are passionate about ensuring all our practitioners have a high understanding of how to support a child with Autism. Through inductions and regular training, we ensure that all staff refresh their knowledge. A number of staff have also completed a level 2 qualification in Autism. All practitioners have completed online autism training, as well as additional training in this area to help gain the award and develop knowledge. As mentioned previously we regularly review and monitor staff training to ensure all staff have access to a wide range of knowledge and up to date information regarding all aspects of child development. Following staff attending training the information is then fed back to others and cascaded within the nursery as appropriate. Specialist coordinator roles are in place as already mentioned.

How does Brimpton House Nursery include young children with SEND in community based activities and outings?

In the past Brimpton House Nursery has participated in the local Christmas tree festival by making decorations to display on our Christmas tree at the local church. For any outings that the children take part in, we carry out a risk assessment and will gain written permission from parent/carer. Any relevant medication, care plans and emergency contact details are taken with us.


How accessible is Brimpton House Nursery?

Brimpton House Nursery is a two storey listed house. There are four playrooms on the ground floor which are accessible to all and two older playrooms upstairs. If there was the need to change our rooms around to help a child access the older rooms we would look into this. There is on road parking directly outside the nursery and a small parking area to the rear of the nursery.

How will Brimpton House Nursery prepare and support my child to join the nursery or transfer into a new setting or school?

All children are admitted to Brimpton House Nursery after consultation between the parents and nursery manager. The children are invited to attend settling in sessions. A “starting points” form is completed by parents which provides useful information and an opportunity for parents to inform us of their child’s strengths, interests and also any concerns that they may have regarding their child.

All children, whatever their individual needs or requirements are welcome.

To support transitions to other settings information is shared with the receiving setting or school. We agree with parents the information to be shared. We are proactive in supporting all children in their transition to school. We have transition books to help support this and also encourage the teacher from the local school to come and visit the child within our nursery. There is a transition policy that explains this further. For transitions between rooms we provide settling in sessions and plenty of opportunities for every child to spend quality time with their new key person and get to know the new routine. A form will be filled in by the previous key person and passed on to the new one providing information relating to the care and development of that child.

How are Brimpton House Nursery resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

At Brimpton House Nursery we provide a variety of specific aids to promote learning and understanding.  Visual strategies are used and these include visual routines, visual timetables and “first” and “then” boards.

Practitioners are deployed appropriately to ensure that children with SEND can access the environment and learning opportunities.

We differentiate the learning resources as necessary and also organise our rooms to ensure that access to the resources is appropriate to the children’s ages and needs.

All of the SENCO’s from the group of nurseries meet regularly so they can support each other and share resources and advice

Time is allocated to the SENCO to enable monitoring, reviewing and assessing of the effectiveness of provision of SEND and time to plan, write and review outcome focused plans.

When it is appropriate to do so, we are able to apply for funding from Essex County Council.  

How do we decide on appropriate support for young children with SEND?

The setting has a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) who is responsible, alongside a child’s key persons for ensuring that the various SEN initiatives are implemented alongside the parents. Through observing children in our care, liaising with specialist agencies and with parents we would provide and implement the appropriate support for each individual child with SEND.  We work in partnership with the local Children’s Centre and other local education providers to explore how different types of need can be met most effectively.

How are parents involved at Brimpton House Nursery? How can I be involved?

As mentioned previously parents know their children best and will be involved in every aspect of their care, learning and development. Through the completion of outcome focused plans, one page profiles and one plans parents will be involved in every stage of development. Parents are encouraged to contribute towards these regularly. Every child has a learning journey and parents are encouraged to have regular input into their child’s book. Various activities are sent home for parents to complete with their child such as ‘My Adventures’, ‘Handprints” “At home I like…”, ‘All about me’ and ’wow vouchers’, these are used to help support learning and development within the setting and help practitioners compile next steps for each individual child. If a child is identified as SEND then parental input is vital and between parents, keyperson and SENCO a one page profile is written and one planning put in place.



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