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It has been a challenging time for everyone since early 2020 and here at Brimpton House we have been busy getting used to our new normal from going through different entrances to washing our hands more and staying in our ‘bubble’ groups with our group teachers and this will be ongoing in 2021.


Hi everyone 

For Christmas we sent out a special video to parents to help raise a smile, as 2021 has not got off to a great start we thought it would be nice to share some of the lovely comments we have received from the video.  We would also like to once again thank all our parents for their continuing understanding and support. 


from all at Brimpton House

Parent messages:

 “I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you and the Otter room staff.   It has been a very strange year for everyone and particularly worrying for us. Since coming to you it’s been a weight off our minds.  Our son loves his time with you and loved your Christmas video dancing along whilst he watched. Thank you all for your hard work and caring for our children” 

 “You absolute nutters. That was brilliant! Best moment of my week so far ! Xx I just wanted to thank you all in Badgers and all the support staff at Brimpton House. It has been a really challenging year, but you have all been wonderful.  Making sure our child has a safe and happy place to come each day despite the worries you must have - like we all do.  Since being in Badgers our daughter has thrived, her behaviour has seen such improvement  - helping her to recognise and deal with her feelings has been key to this.  The speedy learning of her letters and writing her name is brilliant.  I know by the time school comes she will be so ready and really enjoy it.   I've learned more about my daughter as a person. How caring she is and kind as well as what makes her tick.  Your senses of humour really do make me smile! Thank you all for helping her be the lovely little human she is.” 

ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!!!!!  We love this!!!  Our little girl has watched this over and over again!!  She said, ‘ I love this so much I could cry!!’ Xx”

“Absolutely brilliant video ladies x We smiled the whole way through!  It has definitely been a challenging year but it has been lovely to see how much our daughter has grown and developed with your care and support.

This is perfect and heart-warming and we all love you so much! Thank you all SO much for keeping on going and allowing us to be able to carry on working, it has been invaluable and you are all legends.  We will miss our Brimpton days so much when our daughter goes to school.   Thank you all, it would have been a very different year without you.” 

“Just wanted to say that the Christmas video is brilliant! Nice little surprise into the inbox and really made me smile!  Well done to you and the team for cheering all the parents up!  Thanks for everything this year”.

Oh my goodness, this made me cry! The children will love watching it.  You are all amazing (and having been involved in making a video at school I'm aware it will have taken weeks to organise and edit, so thank you!)  Thank you for carrying on, bringing normality and fun to the children whilst keeping them safe. You've had a lot of challenges to meet this year and have met them all with your standard cheer and professionalism, and always doing your best for the children”. 








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