We are open working within the Government guidelines for Early Years settings.

Latest News at Brimpton House Nursery

Hello everyone

We are so pleased we have been able to reopen after being shut for the past two months.  It has been a challenging time for everyone and we have all been finding our own ways to deal with the current situation.   We have been busy getting used to our new normal at Brimpton House with going through different entrances to washing our hands more and staying in our ‘bubble’ groups with our group teachers.

We thought it would be nice to let our parents know about the fun activities we are doing at nursery and what we have planned for the coming week.  If you have not returned to nursery you may like to join in with us and send in some photos to add to your child’s learning journey.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


Cygnet & Ducklings Bubble Group

In our ‘baby bubble’ we have been really busy exploring a range of toys and using different mark making tools to create lots of art work.   The children have especially enjoyed building towers, cooking in the role-play kitchen and exploring sounds using musical instruments.  The children have spent lots of time in the garden practising their walking skills, using the slides and zooming around in the little car.

The children have been building strong relationships with their friends and ladies having cuddles and sharing stories together.   It is great to see how the children have developed over the last few months especially learning new words.

Next week, as the weather is looking to be sunny once again, we will be exploring ice play by hiding different objects for the children to find.  We will also be making something special for our daddies.  For those who have not returned to nursery you may like to do some ice play with your family and send us pictures for your learning journey and our wall displays.


Tadpoles & Kingfishers Bubble Group

The children have enjoyed exploring the toys and garden and especially have had fun looking at different underwater animals and creating jellyfish and goldfish.   They also created different masterpieces using paint in a range of ways and created a boat from a box with lots of red paint.  Body painting our muddy suits and bubble painting have been great fun.

Next week the children will be taking part in lots of activities around the book ‘Whatever Next’ and creating something special our daddies.   Throughout June the children will be taking part in the ’30 Days Wild’ activities.  If you would like to join in with us at home please send in your photos.  Details can be found on www.wildlifetrusts.org


Swans & Badgers Bubble Group

The children in Swans & Badgers are having a great time being back, they have enjoyed seeing some of their friends again and the ladies in their bubble.

We have been talking about the strawberries that have grown during our absence and had great fun picking and tasting them for snack.  The children also enjoyed being creative and drawing and painting pictures of the strawberries.

The children have also enjoyed different activities for our PE sessions such as Yoga, racing, parachute games and group games.

Next week the children are going to get more creative and make something for our daddies and we will be joining in with the ’30 Day Wild’ activities in the garden.   For those children that have not yet returned to nursery perhaps you would like to do some PE activities at home and send us your photos for your learning journey and our wall displays.



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