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Latest News at Brimpton House Nursery

We have been focusing on building our parent partnership through our lending library, games library and home learning bags.  We have also re-introduced meetings with parents and the children’s keyworkers to ensure we give the children the best experiences at nursery and home.

As a nursery we will be focusing on the children’s interests and extending on their play indoors and outdoors, looking at nature around us and having fun summer activities/events.

Duckling Room are building on their friendships and looking at the new routines around them. They are also working on different senses and how they can explore them through activities.

Otter Room will be making the most of the free flow area in the better weather, exploring nature, watching plants grow and following the children’s interest of building dens in different forms. They will also be working on the children’s table manners and how to be kind to our friends.

Kingfisher Room is enjoying looking at different ways to explore their senses through a range of textures such as sand, water and other malleable materials. They will continue to do this by adding a variety of medias and textures to them. They are also looking into developing the children’s independence skills and introducing different cooking experiences.

Swan Room will be exploring the natural world through looking at books and taking what they have learnt outside and creating spaces for the birds to feed, sowing seeds and going on bug hunts. They are being encouraged to use their listening ears and how to respond to others, as well as supporting independence through getting ready for going outside, carrying out simple tasks and being special helpers.

Badger Room are working on getting the children school ready through promoting independent skills, building on their fine motor muscles, group activities to develop confidence and respect of others, PE sessions to support dressing skills and gross motor skills. As well as this we will continue to explore the children’s interest of the natural world and how we look after our planet.




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